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Oh man. Another week has blasted by again! And it’s February! 2016 is just whipping along at warp speed, isn’t it? This is the first week where I’ve had trouble sticking to my goals. I injured my back being an utter nutter and carrying Soren down (and then back up) a rock bank at the seaside last weekend, AND it’s been very very rainy so I’ve been cautious and not as keen about walking so much. I have been taking on some freelance projects, and I have been less focused on my posting schedule here…! I need to reconnect with my goals a bit, so I am going to take the time today to spend some one-on-one with my planner and get re-focused. What about you, dear readers? How do you reconnect with your goals, if you find yourself falling by the wayside?

As a all-the-time lover of patterns (and some-time maker of patterns), I am finding myself smitten with the work of Leah Goren. I am currently working on a water colour logo for a friend, and I have been itching to get my paints back out again to muck around for some personal projects, and Leah’s work is lighting a fire under my bum. I absolutely love her playful subject matter and expert colour combos.

This week’s list-o-links is brief but great:

• I loved this article about the science behind prophetic dreaming
• A class where teens aid in end-of-life care at a hospice centre. Beautiful idea!
• Loved these photos, evocative of my mid-90s youth
• Would you live in America’s oldest Mall? I might…
• These original concept sketches for The Thing (one of my favourite horror movies!) are great

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