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Foto Friday

This has got to be one of my favourite weird old pre-war apartment buildings in the city. My friend Lori says it reminds her of a boat. I am such a big fan of those inset balconies (known as “sleeping porches“) that are prevalent in the Edwardian and Vancouver Craftsman style homes here in the city (in fact, Andrew and I used to live in one several years ago, and we loved having breakfast, coffee, or evening drinks on our little covered porch), and it’s so satisfying to see FIVE of them on the same building!

The Aviary is a unique new business here, located in that cute lil strip of shops and restaurants on the east side of the Fraser/Kingsway/e 18th Avenue intersection. It’s a stylish, contemporary “co-working” space for designers, architects etc., where you can rent out a desk or workspace in a calm, pristine environment.


Sose’s sleep has been ALL over the place lately… So most of his naps have been happening in the stroller. A handful of times, he’s passed out for the night during evening jaunts to the store, and to be honest, I kind of love it because it takes the chaos out of bed time.


I wound up coming back and getting the little bear planter for Sose, as a “my first plant” type dealie. I guess I just can’t resist planters with faces.



Soooo cliché, but another thing I can’t resist is taking photos of produce stands. These didn’t exist where I grew up, and their cheerful presence here is one of the things I’m most grateful for, living in Vancouver. At least for the here and now, there’s so much good, fresh stuff for us to eat.



Canada Place! I love this giant weird PoMo masterpiece, which was built in time for Expo 86. I love all the white, the curvy lines and the grids. Another building that looks like a boat!

I’d be curious to know what type of bird these little guys are. They were snacking on barnacles in Coal Harbour. A friend points out that they are “Black Oystercatchers”. So cute!


The Play-Doh era has begun over here, and so begins the never-ending process of picking little bits of it off of every surface.



This city has looked amazingly green during our rainy early Spring season. A welcome departure from last Summer’s endless drought.

Camellia blossoms already! Can you believe it?

My favourite neighbourhood boutique is Zebraclub. It’s been a perennial favourite, in fact, even during my last stint as a South Granville resident (10 years ago!!! My god, time flies). There’s also a really cool location in Seattle (with more of a teen sk8 shop vibe), and apparently one in Berlin as well. I love everything on display here, but sadly it’s not my season (ha ha), so I’ll just take that amazing Baggu 80s cahier-print knapsack! Thanks!

Much to the chagrin of my mother, I’ve been just letting Sose’s hair grow (he’s never had a haircut – but he was bald until last summer, basically). His bangs aren’t quite long enough to tuck behind his ears, and he’s inherited a combo of Andrew’s and my own uniquely bizarre hair growth patterns, so I’ve taken to pinning it back with a bobby pin when it’s bugging him, and he’s really into it. I love little boys with long hair. And smashing gender expectations!

This week’s dream house. Just peep that curved, pink brick. It’s too much! As an Instagrammer pointed out, it’s totally the Republic of Newfoundland colours, so of course I should live here with my Newfoundlander husband, right?



That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more camera-dump madness next week!

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