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What’s up! How has your week been? If you’re like me and you’ve made yourself an exhaustive list of resolutions, how are you finding the changes you’ve made now that we’re a little over halfway through January?


Illustration by Jeff Ostberg!

Myself, I’ve hit a wall this week. I haven’t reneged on anything (YET), but boy am I afflicted with a case of *ahem* monthly malaise, and it’s sure throwing a wrench in things. Between extreme lethargy, wanting to eat All Of The Bread (despite a good two week reprieve from any and all starch/sugar cravings!), and my patience for my (beautiful, angelic, brilliant, “challenging”) toddler running thin – it’s all I can do not to just throw in the towel and barricade myself alone in the bedroom for a week with just my laptop, a pack of Belmont Milds, some Prince MP3s and a gigantic bag of All-Dressed chips (Oh how I miss the days where that would be a legitimate option). I have really been battling my latent imposter syndrome, and mean-as-a-snake inner critic, too. Yikes.

But, I am sticking with it, and I’m so, so glad. If anything, carrying on business as usual, and not allowing myself the luxury of wallowing, is making things easier to bear. And having a full roster just makes the gap between wake-up and bed-time (aka “life” HAHA) go by that much more quickly.

I am also finding it to be a lesson in managing expectations and being flexible (as I had hoped!). I believe I wrote earlier about how I had intended to synch up Sose’s schedule with my own (ie. finish the bulk of my 10k walk before he falls asleep, so I could spend the rest of his nap time working), and that just isn’t panning out. He has his own ideas, and because I have no interest in sleep-training, I just gotta roll with it. On the days where it has worked out, I have actually found myself too mentally foggy to get any work done during nap time (which could just be my hormones calling the shots for the moment, IDK). Today, I actually took a nap with him, after a floundering period where it became clear that my brain was too peaced-out to do anything. I am not a napper, but that’s just how fried I have been. It’s cool, though… I have been finding it easier to get work done at other times scattered throughout the day (a little during breakfast, lunch and dinner, a little before I go to sleep, and when my husband comes home – like right now). And maybe I even work better this way, if we’re talking about continuous output and not just the rare manic fevered obsession jag where I can work uninterrupted all day. I’ve had no luck forcing myself to go out and write in coffee shops, because by the time that’s an option I’ve already taken my pants off for the day. Don’t tell me to put them back on again, though; I do what I want.

Since I first started doing daily walks (which fitbit tells me is december 31st), I haven’t missed a day. I have had a few days where I’ve cut the walk short because I needed a rest, but most days I’ve walked over 10k (wanting to feel the satisfaction all of turning my fitbit goal bars green), with my best day being almost 20k (which is too crazy, really, I was basically perma hunched and exhausted for the rest of the day, and it took me over 3 hours). I truly feel as though this is one of the best things I could do for myself. I find if I am struggling with Soren, it chills us both the fuck out, and it really gets my brain working in the best way. I love taking slightly different routes every day, walking out in every possible direction from our place, and noticing all the details along the way – new birds, new trees, different houses, twee little alley ways. It always shifts my perspective and perception in a better, more positive direction. I just cannot state it emphatically enough; it’s the all-around best thing for my tortured soul and bedraggled body. ANYWAY.

Here’s the links for this week:

• Apparently, Canada is KEWL now? Canadians have known this for years, now. Glad to see the rest of the world catching up!
• Good news for all the former goths and morbid teens out there, as it turns out, thinking about death makes you happier
• One of my pals has me hooked on the idea of buying coastal land and throwing down a hippie, geodesic dome house
• Learn all about the Mother Sauces of Thailand & The Mother Sauces of France on The Lucky Peach
• The last remaining member of the Siberian family who lived in isolation for decades was just airlifted in to a modern hospital
• A little bit of inspiration for those struggling, as we all do.
• If you’re like me and wearied by the endless cycles of gentrification in our cities, here’s some levity from The Guardian
• As a designer & thing-obsesser, I find minimalism super challenging, but making a list of what you don’t need might help
• Here’s some of my reading for tonight, a topic after my own heart; On ADHD & Women

To finish off, here’s a trailer for the current season of my current favourite show, Catastrophe. LOVE Rob Delaney, and LOVE Sharon Horgan (was a huge fan of Pulling!!). It’s so funny, and a little too real in terms of the impact of children on the marriage of a couple’a grumps (much like my husband and I, haha).

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