Month: August 2015

On breastfeeding

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Soren, at the age of 20 months, has been slowly weaning himself. We are down to two nursing sessions (three tops) a day, one before each sleep, nap and bed time, and sometimes one in the morning if he asks for it. He has shown me that he is ready to receive alternative measures of comfort when he has trouble settling back to sleep, and I no longer need to breastfeed him during the night. […]

Summer of Introspection

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It’s been a difficult summer. There, I’ve said it. This is my second summer with Soren, and although in many ways our family faced greater struggles last year (the adjustment to parenthood for two newlyweds fresh out of their self-indulgent 20s was sobering to say the least), but I felt more alive and joyful. I felt more in tune with motherhood. More ~gratitude~, more #blessed. Andrew was on paternity leave and we had little to […]